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With all the stay-at-home and shelter-in-place orders in effect to try to slow the spread of COVID-19, many families are facing new and unexpected challenges. With businesses, schools, daycares, pregnancies, and entire industries affected, even resources that are usually reliable have become limited or unavailable, adding unexpected and overwhelming pressures to mothers of young children during pregnancy and early childhood.

The COVID-19 Pregnancy & Parenting Assistance Program—also called our Hero Fund—is a new program started by the Southwest Coalition for Life in partnership with local pregnancy help centers to assist women in early motherhood—as well as fathers and legal guardians—who are facing significant financial stress due to COVID-19. A baby is never a crisis, but economic concerns can be. This is a way to unite the larger Borderland community to HELP MOMS BE HEROES during this challenging time.

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Application Temporarily Unavailable

We have had an amazing response to our Hero Fund assistance program! The application is momentarily paused as we process pending applications and update the funding process to remain sustainable. We hope to resume applications very soon.

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The information provided in this section is not required but may be made available to potential donors to review and may increase the likelihood your request being 100% funded.
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