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What to Expect from an Early Ultrasound Scan

Many pregnant women thinking about getting an early ultrasound have questions. We want to answer your questions so you know what to expect.A few things to know about early ultrasound scans:Ultrasounds at Her Care Connection are freeUltrasounds are safeWe can

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Ectopic Pregnancy: The Importance of an Ultrasound

Ectopic Pregnancy: The Importance of an UltrasoundThe importance of an ultrasound cannot be overstated. Beginning at six weeks of pregnancy, an ultrasound can detect the growing fetus. This allows healthcare professionals to determine whether or not a pregnancy will be

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Your Girlfriend is Pregnant:

How to be there for your girl and your baby.   Your heart has just stopped beating. The world has flipped off its axis. You think you may be either suffering a heart attack or hallucinating. Please let this be

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Co-Parenting Counseling Explained

Parenting is difficult. Your values and personal upbringing influence the way you raise your child. Parenting with your ex can be hard. If you’re having a challenging time co-parenting, counseling may help you.Co-Parenting is a term that fits many relationships.

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Adoption: 4 Unique Stories Plus FAQsThere Are Many Stories Adoption creates possibility. It doesn’t mean a child will have a perfect future, but it allows a child to have a future. This can make all the difference.   According to

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